How to Create Strong Password on Hotmail Account?

An Email password should be strong enough to protect your Account being hacked. A weak password may lead to loss of important data or confidential information. Hotmail password should be created by using the right combination including the special characters to make the login details stronger. Below are the tips which will help you in creating the strong and probably inaccessible password for Hotmail or Outlook express:

Steps to create strong password on Hotmail Account

Use at least eight characters for your password

Some users create their password with only four or five characters which they find easy to remember. But in order to make a safe and secure password, choose at least eight characters. Remember this for every time you change your Hotmail password.

Avoid using the name provided in User Name or your loved ones

Hackers can easily access and make a guess of the real name or username provided in your Hotmail Account. Users generally put such passwords when they are having multiple accounts but such practice may invite hackers to guess your password and misuse your confidential information from your Account.

Use of Right combination of letters and numbers

Using only alphabetical letters for your password is not safe for Hotmail password change. Instead use the right combination of letters, symbols, and numbers which makes a stronger password. Choose the alphabetical series cautiously when selecting the upper case or lower case along with any numeric values.

Remember or save answers for Security questions

Sometimes users forget the answers to their security questions so you can save the answers which will help you in accessing your Hotmail Account without any trouble. In case of forgotten password, enter the right answers for the provided questions to access your Hotmail Account.

Save your Mobile Number and Location

When you are accessing your Hotmail Account from different locations, while entering your credentials it would be helpful if you have set your location. This will be helpful in protecting your account from any misuse and verifying your mobile Number will also be beneficial at the time of change of password.

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