How to Produce Auto Forward Rule in Outlook 2013?

When you are on a trip and you don’t want your vacation to disturbed by our Outlooks Emails, simultaneously you still need to deal with these Emails on time. In this case, you need to forward your incoming mails to others and let them deal with it. To know more about this, you need to read this blog and this blog will help you on how to set up and create an auto forward rule in outlook 2013 by expert.


Read follow steps to help you set up Auto Forward Rule in Outlook 2013 :

Step 1: First and foremost step is that you have to open your outlook mail and go to the setting section. This option is headed by “Account information” in which you will see three sub-headings at the right window.

Step 2: Next, open the “Manage Rules and Alerts” option which is under the account information option. This section allows the users to analyze outlook new rules or manage previously created rules.

Step 3: After putting into rules and alerts section, you need to tap on “New Rule” which is placed at the top left side of the window. By tapping it you will show one more window which is known as Rules Wizard.

Step 4: The Rules Wizard Window will demonstrate you numerous options like stay up to date but you have to select the link which is “Apply rule on messages I receive” which is under Start from the Bank rule.

Step 5: Now you have an option to choose your preferred conditions, you can choose to forward all the mails which you have received from a single sender. Check the box “From people or Public Group” and ensure that you get important messages, see the boxes next to “Flagged For Action” and “Marked as Importance” to make it main when you check your mail.

Step 6: you can see an option under Rules Wizard which us “Edit the rule after the messages arrive”. You need to select the underlined links “People or public group”.

Step 7: Next step is to search and enter the value like you can choose a subject from a supposed group.

Step 8: Now choose “Forward it to people or public group”. In case you feel like contacting Outlook technical support, then you should go for it because they will provide you the best service.

Step 9: Under the same window, you will find an alternative in which you need to click in the description to specify the messages.

Step 10: Further, you should select the email address on which you want to forward these mails.

Step 11: you can create exceptions to filter the mails that are not so important like promotion, advertisement and social media etc.

Step 12: you need to click the rules and setting window successfully. In case you are going through any kind of issue, then you can contact to Outlook Customer Support Service and they will help you in resolving any kind of issue that you are facing during this procedure.

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