Terms and conditions

This document is to talk about the detailed Terms and Conditions which makes the base of commitment between EMAIL SUPPORT NUMBER and customer. You are requested to read the complete document to have a better understanding of plans and processes. Your registration with services of Nikki Support will be done only after you agree to all our terms and conditions.

Support Process

Nikki Support provides a dual way of help via remote control session or phone. If you want to follow verbal instruction by our tech support then you can call us and follow the instruction that our representative is giving to you. You can go for Remote session control option too; this will establish and only be done when you will be agreeing to it and allow for the same service. Our remote session process doesn’t allow us to get connected to your device without your consent.

We will take control of your device which is registered with us and we are not responsible for any other computer which is at the same place. EMAIL SUPPORT PHONE NUMBER will take every genuine and logical attempt to fix the computer issue or to guide you in the next course of steps so that you can resolve the issue that you are facing.

Limitation to act

Our company will have the right to eliminate the unauthorized content. The information that is shared with our company will stay intellectual property of the third party. In such that cases, we will not own the copy rights.